Blockchain is fundamentally transforming business in more than 50 industries including supply chains and logistics, financial services, healthcare, gaming, digital advertising, consumer goods and real estate.

Best known as the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain has far broader uses. It is reshaping business functions from process management to security and privacy, accounting to operations, and intellectual property protection to governance — while driving innovation, business model creation and new ventures.

As a leader, it’s critical to learn why your company needs this technology to create value, how blockchain is altering your industry, and what you can accomplish with it.


  • The world’s 10 largest companies are investing in blockchain — Forbes
  • Walmart, Maersk, British Airways, UPS and FedEx use blockchain technology to manage their supply chains — TechRepublic
  • The global market for blockchain was $708 million in 2017. It is projected to reach $60.7 billion in 2024. — Market Study Report, LLC


Blockchain Innovation and Strategy Workshop is a two-day certificate program offered by Paramount Software Solution of Business in conjunction with technology strategist Roop Singh of Intuit Factory. The course, taught in an innovative learning format, will ground you in the fundamentals of decentralized ledger technology, show you how to use it to create revenue and profit, and help you determine use cases for your company.

Get the Big Picture

  • The rise of blockchain — history and context
  • Impact on strategy, business models and investments
  • Blockchain market dynamics
  • Smart contract platform architecture
  • Emerging drivers of digital identity and privacy
  • Implications of decentralization

Learn Strategies and Tactics

  • Understand your industry’s ecosystem
  • Analyze blockchain enterprise use cases in your sector
  • Consider critical growth factors
  • Develop a use case capitalizing on industry trends
  • Design blockchain enabled business models
  • Explore smart contract platforms

Prepare to Disrupt

  • Learn to predict disruptions across the blockchain ecosystem
  • Examine key companies’ white papers and solutions
  • Analyze real case studies
  • Study tokenization of physical assets into virtual assets


Fee covers: tuition, books and materials, certificate in Blockchain Strategy, breakfast and lunch, coffee and beverages, wireless Internet access, on-site IT support, and parking


Blockchain Innovation and Strategy Workshop is a unique two-day program to ground you in the fundamentals of decentralized ledger technology, show you how to use it to create revenue and profit, and help you determine use cases for your company.

MODULE 1: Market Trends and Dynamics

Explore the trends and emerging market segments in blockchain and cryptographically secure tokens. Discover the disruption and opportunity revealed by this foundational technology evolution. Develop your understanding of frameworks to analyze market developments.

MODULE 2: Distributed Ledger Technologies and Cryptography

Understand the mechanisms that create a blockchain. Explore its evolution from the history of digital cash to the next generation of distributed ledger technologies.
Ground yourself in the fundamentals of cryptography that make distributed ledger technologies powerful. Learn applications of cryptography in business applications.

MODULE 3: Creating or surviving Disruption

Understand the nature of technology-led disruption. Learn models for innovation. Apply these models to predict disruption by the evolution of blockchain ecosystem. Discover ways blockchain can help you survive or create disruption. Define your blockchain strategy — is it an opportunity, threat or risk for you?

MODULE 4: Blockchain Architecture

Understand blockchain solution design factors. Learn how consensus mechanisms are transforming business processes. Develop skills on how to make design choices critically determined by your use case.

MODULE 5: Smart Contracts

Understand what smart contracts are and how these decentralized applications are enabling a new technology stack. Analyze the architecture of platforms.

MODULE 6: Two Sides of a Coin: Identity and Privacy

Grasp the changing nature of digital identity and privacy by exploring how blockchain is driving digital identity technology. Learn how future business applications will utilize this new infrastructure, and understand its challenges and enablers — the desire for privacy-preserving applications and a shifting global regulatory framework.

MODULE 7: Blockchain in the Enterprise

Explore how incumbent corporations can use blockchain as tactically as technology stack replacement or strategically as a driver of disruptive new business models. Understand this shift in business processes. Learn about current use cases in financial services, payments, insurance, gaming, media, supply chain, digital advertising, storage, and several industry verticals. Explore the architecture of enterprise blockchain platforms like Hyperledger and Ethereum.

MODULE 8: Tokenization

Learn the basics of digital assets and token economics, how to create digital assets and apply frameworks. Explore how blockchain is driving a fourth industrial revolution by creating an internet of value.

MODULE 9: Develop Ecosystem or Perish

Go beyond technology product development to understand network effects and ecosystem adoption. Learn how to effectively leverage ecosystem for your growth. Understand the adoption risks, challenges, and enablers. Grasp blockchain consortium ecosystem strategies.

MODULE 10: Business Model Design

Investigate key strategic issues. Learn how to design business models leveraging blockchain and adjacent technologies. Work with a group to scope, analyze, and design your own blockchain strategy and business model.

About Your Instructor

“Breaking down complex subjects into understandable parts is one of my greatest passions.” – Roop Singh

What others are saying

Truc Duong

group vice president


“What I liked most about the program was learning how to leverage blockchain technology in the business world, and building an understanding of what it can do for us in the future. Roop’s knowledge and passion about the topic are really wonderful.”

Truc Duong

Munir Tawfiq

supply chain leader, Transformation Office
Newell Brands

“My background is less technical and more business. I’m interested in blockchain use cases and how I can leverage the technology to address issues in our society right now. If you have any interest in blockchain, you have to go to this class. I don’t see other programs out there like it.”

Munir Tawfiq
Maurice Hamilton

Maurice Hamilton

president and CEO
Synchrony 3 Global Consulting Services

“I had a basic grasp on blockchain before, but now I understand how the technical aspects work, which will give me an advantage going forward. The guest speakers are doing cutting-edge stuff in the industry, and I got to hear it about it first-hand. Roop has an energetic, over-the-top teaching style, and it worked really well. He knows what he’s talking about.”

Ryan Sims

Ryan Sims

project manager

“You can look up how blockchain works on the Internet, but you need that in-class discussion and expertise to know how it relates to your specific field. Toward the end of the program, we created a business model and fleshed out how our idea would work in real life. The subject matter can get a little dry, but Roop kept the discussion energetic and interesting.”

Deana Mahan

interest rate risk analyst

“I didn’t know anything about blockchain, so getting informed on this technology was really important to me. I learned how I can apply blockchain on a day-to-day basis in terms of regulation, transferring assets and traceability. It was an interactive, fun class that went by very quickly.”

Deana Mahan

Venkataramanan Devendran

first vice president, Consumer Data Office

“Roop is very knowledgeable, and the curriculum was really well-structured. It has information for everyone, from novice to expert. I was nervous when I came here, but now I can talk confidently about blockchain.”

Venkataramanan Devendran

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